Brass Bridge House Numbers

Brass Bridge House Numbers
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House numbers 1 to 999 available (same day dispatch!) – see bottom of listing on how to order. These attractive acrylic and brass sign designs are carefully designed to give your house number a modern, clean look. The size of the number is 150mm x 100mm. Firstly the acrylic is cut into shape and drilled in order to fit into the brass frames and allow it to be attached to a wall. Your chosen number is then carefully placed centrally onto the acrylic. Each number protrudes by 5mm giving each number an attractive depth and quality to its finish, finally the number and the frame are polished to give the brass its reflective look. Two screws with highly polished brass screw caps also come with the number. These bridge numbers are available with two different type faces; modern (the final picture, number 58) and classic (the first two pictures, numbers 58 and 36). Further more if you would like a number not available in the options, do not hesitate to email us at Sales [!at] Size: 160 mm x 100 mm with 50mm digits.

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