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Brass Thin Chandelier by Juniper Design

Brass Thin Chandelier by Juniper Design
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The THIN Chandelier embraces our ultra-slim LED light segments. Available in two sizes, this contemporary chandelier has the ability to adorn entryways, dining spaces, lounge areas, lobbies, and living spaces. Create any mood with bendable joints to go from whimsical to dynamic just by adjusting its appendages.


Small – 87.3 IN Diameter, Expanded
Large – 126.5 IN Diameter, Expanded

Total Lumens:

Small – 0-7200LM (Dimmable)
Large – 0-11000LM (Dimmable)

Light Temperature:

Light Quality:

90 CRI

LED Lifetime:

50,000 hours (20-25 years)
Total Wattage:

Small – 58W (4.8W/arm)
Large – 96W (7.9W/arm)

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