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Breakaway Football: Tabletop Board Game

Breakaway Football: Tabletop Board Game
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Two-player, card-driven strategy football game where you’re the Head Coach! No dice or spinners. Authentic plays & audibles. Great fun!

Breakaway Football is a 2-player, card-driven strategy game where you are the Head Coach of an American football team making all Offensive and Defensive play calls.

Using realistic football strategies, your play calls will create opportunities for exciting big plays called “Breakaways” to take advantage of your opponent’s call.

Plays are color-coded (orange = run; blue =pass) and printed in a mirrored layout to allow “audibles,” real-time play changes at the “line of scrimmage” right before the play is resolved. Simply rotate your card 180 degrees before the snap to change your play and catch your opponent off guard!

The card art that is on the game board is the one that gets resolved.

Just like real football, strategy counts more than luck. But the randomness of real football is create by the “Game Day Deck.” Game Day cards add or subtract from specific types of calls, and can adjust the play up or down if the Game Day card play event matches a coach’s call.

Big plays called “breakaways” can occur when one team counters their opponent’s play call perfectly. Breakaways on Offense can chain together Game Day cards for longer plays, like a Short Pass beating a Blitz for a sizable gain. Breakaways on Defense can kill a drive or even create a turnover!

Choose from 10 types of Offense play calls, each with different strengths, to confuse your opponent. Your decisions will lead your team to victory!

For a more detailed overview on how the game is played, including card art and animation of the mechanisms in action, watch our 4-minute preview video here!


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