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Breaking Bad Hiesenberg Air Freshener

Breaking Bad Hiesenberg Air Freshener
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The Heisenberg image originated as merely a sketch but today stands as a representation of the meth empire dominated by Walter White. Inspired by Breaking Bad, this air freshener will be a constant reminder of the series anywhere you go. Put it up in your car, home, or even your chemistry lab to enjoy a crisp clean lemon scent! Perhaps the most widely recognized symbol from the Breaking Bad series is now in the form of an air freshener.

This is the logo for Gus Fring’s cover business that overshadows his meth empire. The air freshener is pulled directly from the Season 4 episode “End Times” as Walter watches Gus from the rooftop walk to his car, which has a small hidden explosive on it. Now you can own the prop as pulled directly from the show. Walter’s most embarrassing moment must have been when he found himself shining one of his student’s rims at the A1A carwash. After getting diagnosed with cancer, Walter quits the establishment in a rage and burns his bridge with the owner. Fast forward to Walter’s growing meth empire when he sees the Car wash as a perfect money laundering vehicle to hide his ill-gotten gains. Skyler becomes the Car wash’s new manager while Walter solidifies his position as the meth king. Now you too can have a piece of the action by placing this A1A air freshener in your car. Have an A1 day!

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