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Bright Bike Light By CycloneCycle

Bright Bike Light By CycloneCycle
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Grab your safety front light, your helmet of course and hit the road.

This high quality bike light will offer you the security you need while riding and also style as well.

Just attach it on your bicycle, choose the light mode you like (low, medium or high) and pedal along!

Durable Aluminum Material ?Light Body Construction

This compact, easy to be used bike light is made that way to be light as a feather but strong and steady as a rock.

This product is a light generator which can be as bright as the sun. It gives out 680 Lumens of light and sheds light in places where the human eye can’t see.

Cherish those night rides on mount tops and the view as well. Having a zoom mode allows you to adjust it according to your current surroundings.

10 Years Warranty & 100% Money Back Guarantee

We made this bike headlight to last. We believe in our product’s quality and that is why it comes with a 10 year warranty. Bike all you want for many years to come.

Should you feel displeased with our front bike light, just return it and get a full refund.

Don’t hesitate. Bike lovers, your safety comes first.

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