Brothers, Once

Brothers, Once
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You are the estranged childhood friend of Derrick “Ricky” Ryker, who has recently passed away. In his will he left you everything: the house, the car, and all personal belongings. As you wander the estate, looking for clues as to what his life was like leading up to his death, you start to notice things are not in the places they were before, doors are closing themselves, and weird noises are popping up from nowhere. Is Ricky trying to reach out to you one last time? If so, what’s he trying to tell you? It’s your job to find out.

A Strong Narrative
First Person
This is “Brothers, Once” and what will separate it from the rest of the herd. The game will offer a mix of challenging puzzles, where players will have to pay attention to details, and lighter narrative interactions. We want players to feel connected to and immersed in the experience. Derrick, your ghostly friend, is key to that. His presence will define key moments in response to the player’s actions. Just when you think you’re alone, something strange might happen.

Everything is being built from the ground up by our awesome 3D Artists!

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