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Bucketlistmap Scratch World Map by Awesome Maps

Bucketlistmap Scratch World Map by Awesome Maps
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The bucketlistmap by Awesome Maps displays the world of adventures
Discover the most awesome destinations on Planet Earth, from big-name spots to little-known gemsallows and cross off things you have done… or discover and plan awesome bucketlist items.
Hundreds of things to discover – from must sees like the Golden Gate Bridge to base jumping into an active volcano.

The scratch edition:
The bucketlistmap covered in a silver scratch-off layer like the world’s best lotto ticket. Uncover the awesomeness country-by-country on rainy days, track your travels, or scratch it all off in one euphoric frenzy.
The re-writable edition:
The deluxe whiteboard coating makes the colors pop and the map fully customizable. Use it to highlight everywhere you’ve been, plot your dream vacation, or map your personal bucket list.
Material: High-quality offset print on silk-coated 150lb art paper Whiteboard Coating for re-writability
Dimensions: 97,5 cm (38 inches) x 56 cm (22 inches) WxH

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