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The Bulb Is Alive by CristaLight

The Bulb Is Alive by CristaLight
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As the changing legislations and new led technologies are pushing the traditional lighting bulb into history, we had a desire to put it back into the spotlight.

The idea was to combine the old world with the new – in total harmony. The new world’s led light and the old world’s beautiful shapes and forms.

It’s made in full glass, and lightened with 3W, 275 lumens warm white led (similar lighting as 30-35 W traditional wire bulb). It’s also dimmable.

The lamps can be customized by your logo or short text instead of the logo “the bulb is alive”. Send us your idea. We will adapt it to fit perfectly.

Low efficiency terminated the conventional lighting Bulb. We would like to show the world; the Bulb is still alive!

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