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Cactus Succulent Necklace

Cactus Succulent Necklace
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Shining Knight Cactus is a native from South America and the Caribbean Islands. This cactus features beautiful soft white spines to protect itself from a range of hot and cold weather elements, and also features another set of sharp copper spines to ward off predators. The growth characteristics of this cactus is of short globular clusters with heights approx 4 inches and horizontal spread of 3-4 inches. They readily bloom white and yellow flowers in late winter to early spring under proper conditions.

Live Cactus Plant on 27′ Silver Ball Chain containing Shining Knight Cactus ( aka – Mammillaria Prolifera )
Water your plant by dipping in water with holes located on the bottom capsule
Cactus can be removed by twisting off cover and popping out when large.
Lives in capsule easily for over 3-6 months with plant info and card card included.
2 week health warranty and hassle free replacement guarantee

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