Calligraphy Starter Kit Printable Wisdom learn Calligraphy

Calligraphy Starter Kit Printable Wisdom learn Calligraphy
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The “No Fuss Calligraphy Starter Kit” (Includes calligraphy pen) Written, and featuring calligraphy by Ashley Gardner of Printable Wisdom i remember when i first decided to learn calligraphy. i bought a fancy book that promised to teach me the art of this beautiful style of writing. i waited for days for the book to be delivered and was so excited to open it up and start creating fun quotes and writing song lyrics (lets be honest, so i could post them on my website for my friends to ooh and aah over). But, the first page directed me to a list of fifteen different supplies Id have to buy… just to get started! Then, i had to do daily drills of circles and loops before i could even write my first letter. Being very impatient, i thought there had to be a quicker way to start creating beautiful calligraphy. From my impatience, the No Fuss Calligraphy Starter Kit was born! Theres no shopping list, no drills, just a few simple pointers to get you started on the right foot in the wonderful world of calligraphy. If you want to learn stilted and rigid lettering, this kit isnt for you. This is for the free spirit who wants to develop their own style. i often get asked, How can i get started in learning calligraphy? The answer is simple – just get started! Practice and making mistakes is the best way to develop your own signature style. ::::: Kit Includes ::::: One (1) calligraphy brush pen – Ashley’s favorite brand! Two sample alphabets Instructional pages covering strokes, flourishes, connections, and more Practice pages Personal calligraphy exemplar page Three guided projects with examples from Ashley’s portfolio Freestyle project pages (6) ::::: Details ::::: 30 pages, 8.5×11 inch wire bound book Printed on thick matte cover paper, perfect for practicing calligraphy Individually shrink wrapped Includes One (1) of Ashley’s favorite calligraphy brush pens! all material copyrighted, printable wisdom Co., 2015

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