Calm Club Knit Your Own Comfort Blanket

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Wanna join the Calm Club? This soothing society aims to provide a tranquil enclave of calm in the midst of your otherwise mad and stressful life; a moment of mindfulness and peaceful reflection. They create products to help you slooooow down, unplug from the daily grind and just relax. It’s powerful stuff! The Knit Your Own Comfort Blanket is an invitation to put aside all your other plans and indulge in a little creative, hands-on mindfulness. Mindful knits, if you will. The set includes: Seven balls of Chunky Yarn Bamboo Knitting Needles Step By Step Knitting Guide The best part is that once it’s finished – you’ve got yourself a super snuggly blanket to provide you with endless moments of cosy calm!

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