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camalapse 4

camalapse 4
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The camalapse can help you create panning time-lapse videos or panoramic images with your ultra compact digital camera. Capture up to 360°/60min of pictures or video with the camalapse. This 4th generation design includes metal components to attach cameras and tripods to, ensuring a long product life, and comes in a professional black color. The internal mechanism now supports up to a 5 pound camera (as long as the weight is centered over the camalapse). There is also a new ergonomic design, making it easier to spin the camalapse!

The camalapse 4 works great with GoPro, Contour, Drift, or other POV cameras. It’s also perfect for iPhones and any smartphone with a tripod adapter. DSLRs also will work on the camalapse 4, as long as they are center balanced (or make use of a balance plate).

Get cool B-roll footage by setting up your camera on the camalapse and capture up to 360 degrees of footage over an hour. Simply attach your camera to the top of the camalapse via a tripod adapter (if necessary) and either attach the camalapse to a tripod or set on a low/flat/stable surface. Point your camera where you would like the video to end and while firmly holding the bottom half of the camalapse, twist the top portion of the camalapse so that the camera is pointed towards your starting point.

Click record and you are all set. (tripod, camera and tripod adapter not included – shown in pictures for example only – see the compatible parts tab to purchase the appropriate adapter if needed). Due to the weight/balance and location of the tripod mounts on various cameras, we can’t recommend the camalapse for all cameras. However, you might find that if your camera is small, lightweight and fairly center balanced, the camalapse may work for your particular camera.

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