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Camouflage Leather Belt

Camouflage Leather Belt
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PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – All F.H. Wadsworth belts are each made with the fine, dedicated craftsmanship that can only be found in the USA. How you look is of great importance to most people, so the reliable craftsmanship of a belt made in the USA will show how much you care that your belt is made to stand the test of time and will only be made of high quality materials.

HANDMADE TO PERFECTION – Each belt in the F.H. Wadsworth collection is handmade with care in New York City. The precise detail of every aspect of the design in each belt is stitched with complete accuracy, making sure your unique sense of style stands out and gets noticed. Only high quality items deserve the time and skill of being handmade, so it goes without saying that these belts are of a superior quality, and the details show that to be true.

COMFORTABLY VERSATILE – Made with the finest cotton and complimented with 100% full grain leather tabs, these lightweight, handmade belts from F.H. Wadsworth pair perfectly with jeans, shorts, khakis or just about any casual pants you may wear. They are 1 ½” wide and secure with a traditional solid brass buckle closure.

PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS – All belts feature the same high quality construction, but are made in a wide variety of patterns and colors that cover an exciting range of a traditional/classic look to a fantastic, unique look to showcase your sense of style. These leather tab ribbon belts by F.H. Wadsworth are easily capable of adding a touch of character to any outfit, so with so many options, why not buy several?

SIZED FOR MEN – In order to select correct size belt, select a belt that accommodates 2” larger than the man wearing its pant size. For example, someone who wears size 36 pants, would wear a size 38 belt.

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