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Canary Home Security Device

Canary Home Security Device
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Smart Home Security for Everyone

We believe anyone should be able to go anywhere, do anything, and still know what’s happening at home. The problem is, traditional security systems are hard to install and harder to use. And what if you rent? It’s nearly impossible to take conventional systems with you when you move.

That’s why we designed Canary, a complete security system packed into a single device you control from your smartphone. Canary is a modern approach to home security, and since it doesn’t need additional sensors, setup takes minutes, not days. Download the app, set Canary on a flat surface, plug it in, connect it to the internet, and you’re ready to go.

With no contracts or required monthly fees and free cloud storage of recent events, Canary works right out of the box to protect the people and places you care about most. And since Canary’s intelligent notifications only alert you when something unusual happens, you’ll make smart decisions when something’s wrong and feel connected when everything’s right.

Simple Setup

There’s no installation. Download the free iPhone or Android app, put Canary on a shelf or table in a central area of your home, plug it in, and connect it to the internet. That’s it.

Generally, we recommend one Canary per entryway and one per floor. It’s easy to start with one and add more as needed.

Questions about setup or features? Email us at [email protected]

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