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Cat Dining Table by CatastrophiCreations

Cat Dining Table by CatastrophiCreations
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Hand-crafted beautiful & functional pet furniture
Feed your cat up away from children & pets
Gives cats an outlet for their climbing needs
Physically and mentally challenge your feline friend
Tested to hold 85lbs

The Dining Shelf is a great addition for homes with cats. It keeps cat food off the ground and away from small children and dogs. This model comes with two half-pint bowls that fit directly into the shelf, so your cat won’t be able to tip it over. Removing the bowls for cleaning is simple, just lift it out of the hole and replace it when you’re done!

This aesthetically pleasing shelf is a great way to keep your cat food off the ground and away from small children and dogs. The two half-pint bowls are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a cinch.

The Catastrophicreations Dining Shelf is made from solid pine and metal brackets. Our products are handcrafted in the USA.

This piece comes assembled, but requires mounting on a wall. All of the brackets come attached for easy installation. Our furniture also comes with all necessary screws and drywall anchors to install into studs.

If you do not want to mount the shelving using studs, you can also mount the shelving up using 1/8” x 2” Toggle Bolts to sturdily mount our shelving into drywall. These Toggle Bolts would need to be separately purchased.

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