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Cat Solarium Penthouse

Cat Solarium Penthouse
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The Cat Solarium Penthouse Package offers a Cat Solarium paired with a plexiglass back panel with a cat door, a custom pillow, mesh screen, and the cat perch.

The Penthouse Package Details: The mesh screen is attached with velcro and is used to keep insects and rain from getting into the solarium. The cat perch allows kitty an easy way to get in and out of the solarium. It is also detachable. The solarium pillow is custom made to fit in the solarium perfectly. It can be washed and air dried. The plexiglass back panel with a cat door allows your cat constant access to the outdoors while keeping the outside air outside. We offer a larger door for cats over 15 pounds. Go to our website for more details.

Your window opening needs to be at least 24″ wide and raise up 14.5″. In most cases, there will be a gap between the solarium and the side of your window.

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