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Cat Wall Wheel

Cat Wall Wheel
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We have abandoned the traditional concept of wheel shaft drive, by using the casters on the base to drive the wheel body instead, so cats can jump in and run on the wheel from both sides of the center. The improved design of the Catswall Catwheel allows up to three cats to run at the same time. The overall look is streamlined, and the tasteful, dazzling color makes the Catwheel very eye catching.
The Catswall Catwheel is made of MDF. After painting the surface and inside, the ring is overlayed with hard resistant veneer curved plate, which is easy to maintain and clean.

What kind of cats would like to play in the Catwheel?

The Catswall Catwheel is easy for cats to use. Of course, cat personalities vary, so that some like to play on the Catwheel more than the others. The typical kind of cat that would play on the Catwheel would be those who are energetic, adventurous, and curious about almost everything. You may be disappointed if you expect the Catwheel to be used as sport equipment by an overweight cat! Overweight cats are also less active, and as a result are less interested in a Catwheel. To stimulate your cat to be more active, we suggest that cat owners use some cat toy, such as a feather stick or a laser pen, as an incentive to draw your cat’s attention to your Catwheel. By doing so, you would soon see your cat jumping on the wheel, and running happily. Overweight cats should be seen by a veterinarian, and then placed on a proper diet.

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