Catio Cat Patio

Catio Cat Patio
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Cats are the smartest pets to have when it comes to other domestic animals. They are adorable and entertaining pets, attracting you with their playful actions.

They are loving, cute, and an excellent companion to have around. With so much of love they give, there are also thoughts concerning their security and the responsibilities that come along when having them.

Do not worry anymore! All the problems concerning your feline friends come down to one solution- Catio Cat Patio.

It is an inventive patio for your adorable friend, having this in your backyard your cat will be definitely grateful to you, literally.

Having a dimension of 76.75W x 37.25D x 68.75H inches, this patio is spacious and cozy, perfect for your loving companion.

Catio Cat Patio Specs

It is made of CARB Phase II compliant wood providing sturdiness and stability.

It is a mesmerizing sight almost like from fantasy world with its windows, small hinged doors, slide doors, and enclosed backyard patio in itself with a retreat from the upper level.

This patio comes with 30 minutes assembling instructions which are easy to understand and follow.

It also includes metal latches on large main doors for easy maintenance.


  • Is made of high-quality wood.
  • It is creative and useful.
  • Has an ingenious design with low maintenance.


  • The items might be shipped in separate boxes or container and not in one altogether.

Catio Cat Patio is an excellent choice for your cute companion. This patio enhances your house in a beautiful way attracting the onlookers as well. Perhaps, this time you will get a chance to wake up every morning and enjoy your friendly neighbor’s company (or maybe talk about your ideas or secrets because you know well, they got your back). If you plan on leaving your cats in the Catio for a longer period of time you need to make sure they are hydrated. For that you can use the PetSafe Water Fountain and you cats will always drink fresh water.

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