Celestial Respiration – An Astronomy Strategy Card Game

Celestial Respiration – An Astronomy Strategy Card Game
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This game is intended to introduce the Night Sky to its players in a fun interactive way. All information garnered for this game is from the Stellarium open-source software. Star images are also from the Stellarium software. The distance of Nebulae and Galaxies are calculated using Google’s conversion tool (kilo-pascal to light years conversion) using Stellarium’s data. This game is not intended to be used as a resource for Astronomical data, as data varies from source to source and data values range for certain celestial objects due to their attributes, their great expanse through space, and other factors (ie.extinctions). Other images used in this game are from NASA, Pixabay.com, and Wikipedia.com (Creative Commons). None of these sources endorse this product. This game is only intended to be used as a fun interactive way to familiarize with what is in our sky, and how general celestial processes work (stars are formed from a nebula and abundant stars form galaxies, using an H-R Diagram, etc). The Definitions of the Celestial Objects are from WordWeb Online Dictionary.

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