Chainmaille Tutorial Flower Pattern Chain Mail Pendant Helm

Chainmaille Tutorial Flower Pattern Chain Mail Pendant Helm
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This is a chainmaille pattern and tutorial for my Conundrum flower pendant. I’ve created step by step instructions with detailed photos. This is a great last minute gift idea! You can purchase this pattern and whip up the pendant in less than 2 hours and delight your friends and family. This is an intermediate level pattern due to multiple sizes of rings (4 sizes) and multiple colors (optional). It is also a very tight weave in the end and takes a little finesse. Otherwise it’s a very easy pattern to follow. This design requires 16 gauge wire (only a small bit) and 18 gauge wire and rings from size 4mm to 10mm. The ability to make your own rings is a huge bonus with this project. This design came about when i was attempting to make a flower earring. It was very loose and wonky so i added more and more rings until it was snug. By then it was too heavy for an earring. This pendant contains 5 layers of rings. It has a nice weight to it and looks the same on the back as it does in the front. If you need help, please feel free to contact me. My email is included in the tutorial. New feature! This digital product is now available for instant download! As soon as your payment is confirmed, Etsy will send you an email with a link to download the tutorial in .pdf format. This tutorial is 1.87mb in size. Purchase of this pattern grants you the right to sell your projects made using my tutorial. Please do! i encourage you to! However, please don’t copy, distribute or teach this tutorial without my expressed permission. This .pdf file and its contents are copyrighted. Purchasing of the tutorial / pattern does not transfer my copyright to you, nor does it grant you the permission to gift, share, exchange, teach, copy the whole or parts of it or distribute the file or any portion of the file content in any way – whether for pay or for free. Purchase of this tutorial indicates that you agree to abide by the above policy. This tutorial and all photographs are copyright to Valorie Clifton, 2013. All rights reserved.

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