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Flour Sifter and Sieve

Flour Sifter and Sieve
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Sift’n Sieve by Chef’n–Flour Sifter and Sieve–An essential tool for home bakers, the Sift’n Sieve by Chef’n– offers two-in-one functionality and a user friendly design for your kitchen. The sifter is perfect for aerating flour and breaking up dry ingredients for even baking. A wide edge allows the Sift’n Sieve to rest on 4-quart mixing bowls creating a stable platform for sieving. Side handles make it easy to hold and maneuver.

A clip on scraper is included that can be used to press and puree berries or other soft ingredients and to clear the sifter of flour. A low profile design and the clip-on scraper makes the Sift’n Sieve easier to store than typical wire-frame sifters. For easy care, the Sift’n Sieve is top rack dishwasher safe.

Key Features: Use for sifting and sieving; Scraper for pureeing; Wide edge fits 4-quart bowls; Comfortable handles for maneuverability; Scraper clips on for easy storage.

2-in-1 flour sifter and sieve with clip on scraper
Wide edge rests on 4-quart bowls
Sifter aerates flour for consistent baking
Scraper presses berries for the perfect puree
Top-rack dishwasher safe

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