Cherry Red Matte Pigment Powder-Cosmetic Grade

Cherry Red Matte Pigment Powder-Cosmetic Grade
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A bright, cherry red natural matte pigment powder that is deep and has vibrant color! Wonderful for nail polish, resin crafts, soap making, bath and body products, cosmetics and other projects! Approved for eyes, lips and face in the usa and eu. For a fabulous new look for nails, blend 1 part pigment to 3 or 4 parts acrylic powder, depending on the desired color intensity. Size: 10-60 microns Ingredients: Red 7 Lake With pure oxides, ultramarines and matte pigments, some clumps may be present in the powder. This is normal! If clumps are difficult to break up and disburse in your bases, you may try spritzing the dry powder with rubbing alcohol before mixing (99 percent is best, as this contains the least amount of water). This helps the clumps break up more easily and promote smoother mixing. i will be adding many more micas, dyes, glitter and special effect powders to the boutique! Please feel free to “favorite” the shop to be among the first to see all the new goodies!

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