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Chess on Dots

Chess on Dots
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Hand carved Staunton chess pieces with embedded magnets and a specific colouring on a Chess on Dots chess board makes this set unique.

All chess pieces are hand carved and feature a magnet to ensure perfect ‘on-the-spot’ centering.
Colouring is achieved by using the natural grain of the wood so each chess piece becomes unique. The natural look is enhanced by using special furniture wax with a matte finish.
High quality birch plywood is the basis for this board.

The matte finish and strong surface is created by carefully sanding and adding multiple layers of lacquer.
The centre points for the magnetic Chess Pieces are 64 bolts with 2 different coatings.

King Height 87 mm / 3.4 inch
King Base 38 mm / 1.5 inch
Pawn Height 46 mm / 1.8 inch
Pawn Base 27 mm / 1.0 inch
Board Size 43 x 43 cm / 16.9 x 16.9 inch
Total Set 25.2 x19.7 x4.3 inches

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