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Chic Fireplaces Boston Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Chic Fireplaces Boston Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fireplace
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MODERN STYLE, BLACK SATIN BODY, AND TEMPERED GLASS SIDES. With high-quality black satin body and tempered glass sides, this is your ultimate modern sleek design that can accentuate any part of your house while providing you with a safe warm fire all the way. Definitely an addition to your modern house in a functional and sturdy piece of art. It can be a conversation starter if you have guests coming over often. The heat radiated is also retained in your room ensuring you stay warm and cozy.

CAN BE PUT ON ANY FLAT SURFACE AND TRANSPORTED. Chic Fireplaces Boston bio-ethanol fireplaces can be used in every room as well as outdoors. With its larger size, it can be used safely for bedrooms, living, dining, and patio as your fire pit. It can also be transferred from one room to another so no worries in having it stuck in one place! It can also be mounted on a big table and not just on your floor. So come on and flaunt your fireplace!

EASY AND SIMPLE INSTALLATION. Good news for everyone: this comes in a simplest installation and assembly time! It does not require pipe connection or construction so you will enjoy its flexibility and versatility. Bring a real fire that is safe and friendly to any home: whether it’s an apartment, condo, townhome or even as an additional feature for the interior decoration of your restaurant, lounge or club. This can be installed practically anywhere and effortlessly.

ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH FRIENDLY. Feel the nice warm comfort the fire from this ultra eco-friendly fireplace will give off. It is very low maintenance and carbon-friendly so both you and the environment will be enjoying its benefits. Unlike traditional fireplaces, our bio-ethanol fireplace burns a clean and odorless flame and does not produce harmful elements that can endanger your health; not even soots! It is one our goal to provide you with the best of comfort while protecting the environment.
100% QUALITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Our burner is made from heavy grade stainless steel polished to a striking appearance that can last a lifetime. We make sure that each has undergone an extensive quality control team that inspect every product to ensure the consistent result of perfection. We assure you the highest QUALITY AND ASSURANCE which are our key points to ensure your satisfaction.

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