Chocolate Hard Milkshake Liqueur

Chocolate Hard Milkshake Liqueur
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Just one sip of our Chocolate Milkshake Liqueur and you’re immediately transported to the red leather seats and neon-drenched interior of a classic American diner. That instant hit of sweetness, that smooth vanilla creaminess, that silky and moreish chocolate flavour, and now – an indulgent boozy twist! This luxurious chocolatey concoction tastes unbelievably delicious served neat, over ice, or glugged generously into a milk-based cocktail – think next-level White Russians and chocolatey Espresso Martinis! Each one of our Hard Shakes has a reduced alcohol content for an easy-going drinking experience so you can really savour the flavour. Make sure you check out the full range – we’ve also created boozy banana and juicy strawberry cream liqueurs.

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