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CineSkates System

CineSkates System
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CineSkates combines high quality wheel bearing technology with the flexible GorillaPod Focus Tripod, allowing the amateur or professional filmmaker to achieve fluid camera movement with no need for the traditional camera sliders, dollies and cranes that are so cumbersome and costly.
Versatile Tabletop Camera Dolly
Connect your iPhone or iPod with the included dock
Turn your GorillaPod in to a versatile table-top dolly.

Smooth-Rolling Footage

With recent high-quality cameras, anyone can make a film with incredible image quality. What matters most is camera movement; It can mean the difference between your dad’s home movies and a smooth-panning cinematic masterpiece.
Wide-Ranging Shots

With just a gorillapod and CineSkates, you can accomplish:

Arcing shots that rotate around objects
Sliding shots that push or pull the subject into focus
Rolling shots that glide over the top of the subject
Time-lapse with smooth rolling pans
Panning shots that scan a wide area
“Worm’s eye view” shots that slide just above the floor

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