Civil War Winter Soldier Red Codebook Book

Civil War Winter Soldier Red Codebook Book
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This is the latest offering from the S’wak Props Etsy store: the Winter Soldier Red Notebook from Captain America: Civil War. It contains 200 blank pages with the exception of the centerspread which contains the activation codes (and some other instructions) in Russian as seen in the movie. There aren’t that many (if at all) references for the notebook except for the screengrabs available on the net. The page with the codes weren’t very clear from the screengrabs so i just made up some instructions (e.g. thaw before use, please allow to rest for 10 minutes after thawing, please read activations codes clearly and precisely, that kinda stuff ), with some scribbles and equations to look as close as i can to the screengrab. The pages are then professionally bound in red lambskin leather. The star in hot stamp debossed in blank ink on the cover. The cover is aged and darkened just like what you see in the movie. The page edges will also be weathered. The notebook will be shipped worldwide by Malaysia Registered Post. Usually takes 2 – 3 weeks to get to US/Europe. Construction will take 2 weeks.

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