Classic Crystal Clear Acrylic Lightsaber Stand with Engraved

Classic Crystal Clear Acrylic Lightsaber Stand with Engraved
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It is important to note that the Lightsaber as shown in the pictures is not included. This is a Crystal Clear Acrylic Stand with Laser Engraved Text that should be compatible with any Lightsabers. The width of the stand is 19 cm. You can choose to have the cradles at both sides the same height be selecting ‘Standard’ option, or to have one side slightly higher (6 mm higher) than the other by choosing ‘Graflex/MPP’. It is recommended that you choose the cradle height option ‘Graflex/MPP’ if you planned to use the stand for sabers with grips like Graflex or mpp, or if you planned to display your Lightsaber while the blade is inserted. For Lightsaber that has (or mostly has) consistent od, you might want to choose the option ‘Standard’ to have your hilt displayed properly on the stand. For ‘Graflex/MPP’ option it is by default higher on the right side. Send me a note if you want the left side to be higher instead. i have also added a ‘Luke rotj’ option for you if you want the option that is adjusted exclusively to fit ‘kr Hero’. Remember that the cradle height is still higher on the right side. Please send me a note if you want higher cradle to be on the left instead. Cradle options guidelines: ‘Graflex/MPP’ Best for Korbanth Graflex 2.0/2.5, Vintage Graflex, Korbanth mpp, Korbanth dv6 and other similar models ‘Luke rotj’ Best for kr Hero, Solo’s Hold v2 and other similar models ‘Standard’ Best for all other sabers which has pretty much consistent outside diameter of the hilt e.g.

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