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CLEMT Cylinder Pebble Diffuser for Cars

CLEMT Cylinder Pebble Diffuser for Cars
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These beautiful and sleek aluminium diffusers contain high-capacity fibre that absorb the fragrance oil. The package contains fragrance oil and the dripper on the bottle used to transfer the oil into the diffuser.
And not everyone may like a strong scent, so the fragrance level can be controlled by adjusting opening gap with the screw-on cap.

They are precision milled from a solid block of carefully selected aluminium, which is the same eco-friendly material that is found in iPhone, then hand-finished for unique surface treatment. Lastly, the lettering on the diffuser is laser etched to avoid even the slightest scent caused by the conventional printing method. Milling and laser etching are more costly and much more time consuming compared to casting and printing, but we insist on this method for unmatched finish and quality.

Choose your favorite fragrance oil from Baies, Grapefruit, Lemon Lavender, or Aqua Kiss.

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