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ClockClock 24 Black Edition

ClockClock 24 Black Edition
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The black edition of ClockClock24 has all the same compelling features as the original: It re-contextualizes time through an ingenious marriage of analogue and digital. Twenty-four clocks come together to tell a collective story in one singular digital display. Each individual clock hand is choreographed in line with the others, so that these clocks tell the time as a collective, rather than individually. The piece can be programmed in 12 or 24 hour time and has three different modes of movement between each minute: minimal, medium or elaborate.

ClockClock 24 combines technical precision and expert craftsmanship, resulting in the highest quality form. Each piece features 48 motors assembled within a minimalist housing, each set into a rectangular shape, a frame that allows the clock hand’s choreography to shine. The artists’ unwavering commitment to excellence in concept, design and technological innovation has created a design object with a lasting character. Made of Corian® Deep Nocturne, ClockClock 24 Black Edition is produced and carefully assembled in Humans since 1982’s workshop in Sweden. Includes USB power adapter and wall mount. Cord length: 9.8 feet. Two-year warranty.

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