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Clone Trooper Voice Changing

Clone Trooper Voice Changing
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Any child can be instantly transformed into an authentic Clone Trooper with the Hasbro Clone Wars Voice Changer Helmet. Featuring a sleek, futuristic look and details that are sure to please any Star Wars fan, this adjustable helmet issues popular sayings from the TV show and amplifies your child’s voice, adding a fun element to imaginative play. Designed for aspiring troopers aged five and up, this helmet is fun for adults, too.Join the Grand Army of the Republic

Preparing for your first mission as a Clone Trooper is quick and easy. Before you assemble the helmet, adjust the straps on the insert to fit your child, then snap it into place. We had to try several times before the two back pieces and the front of the helmet snapped together neatly. Once we got the three pieces aligned correctly, they attached securely, producing a sleek, sturdy helmet. The three “AA” batteries that power audio features come already installed.

Featuring realistic details, including a tinted visor, a crest on top, and clone-inspired colors, this durable, plastic helmet has three buttons on the right side that prompt five different sayings from the Clone Wars TV show. A button that issues radio static keeps communication interesting, and commands like “Cover Me!” and “All units fire at will!” add a quick adrenaline rush to any battle. Plus, there’s a voice-modulator microphone so kids (and adults) can issue their own statements in a cool clone voice.

Experience Intergalactic Role Playing
Whether part of a Halloween custom, an everyday role-playing game, or a display in the ultimate collector’s bedroom, this Clone Trooper helmet brings home all the excitement of Star Wars. We were floored by the accuracy and durability of its construction. Plus the tinted visor was much easier to see through than we expected, as long as the helmet was sized correctly.

The size and weight that make this helmet so realistic and durable did cause us to worry about how easy it would be for smaller children to wear. It’s true that the straps inside adjust to fit small heads, but that doesn’t prevent the size of the helmet itself from being awkward. Similarly, the microphone is adjustable, but it can still be stuck too far away from a small child’s mouth. This means that the helmet has to be lifted by hand to speak through the microphone.

When it’s positioned close enough to the wearer’s face, the microphone does a good job amplifying statements and commands, as well as providing the static you’d expect from a clone. It’s ability to truly modify and deepen a voice is less reliable, although this doesn’t really detract from the fun. Overall, it’s hard to beat a toy that encourages active, imaginative play the way this helmet does. Even adults who are loyal to the original trilogy are likely to enjoy slipping the Clone Trooper helmet on and taking part in the struggles of the Republic.

What’s in the Box
Clone Trooper helmet and instruction booklet.

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