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COBI Smart Biking System for iPhone

COBI Smart Biking System for iPhone
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Turn your bike into a smart connected bike
Imagine a handsfree system that lets you effortlessly listen to music, chat with friends or get real time information about your surroundings. Or how about one that keeps track of all your biking and fitness goals? All this and more is what makes the COBI system not only unique but something that turns even the most mundane trip to the store into an enjoyable journey.

Love your phone – COBI is built for your phone. We securely mount it, charge it, and make it the dashboard of your bike. Free app updates included!
Stay dry, stay on track – Enhanced navigation and weather forecasting will tell you where to go and how to avoid the rain. Even save your favorite destinations. Your COBI comes with a special iPhone Rain Cover.
Safe and secure – Illuminate your road with COBI AmbiSense, deter theft with our alarm, stay focused with voice feedback and hands-free control.

Connectivity is key – Hook up your bluetooth headset and fitness wearables, control your e-bike engine, and call your friends directly from your handlebars.
Your fitness companion – COBI tracks speed, cadence and heart-rate in real time via your favorite wearables. Control your music playlist to stay motivated.

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