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Code&Quill – The Monolith Notebook

Code&Quill – The Monolith Notebook
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Code&Quill’s latest notebook, the Monolith, is a beautifully crafted, large-format notebook for creative professionals everywhere.

The Monolith is our first large-format notebook. While smaller notebooks are great for jotting down notes, sketching out a design idea, or exploring a small chunk of code, sometimes you need more space to dive deep into a particular thought. Whether you’re pulling together a wireframe for a new app, developing new products, drafting material for your book, or taking notes in a classroom, the Monolith is the perfect notebook for making your most demanding creative work a little easier.

For the Monolith, we focused on what people need from a larger notebook. Aside from its different (and larger) size, it’s built with a bit more horizontal space; this gives you more room to write comfortably while still maintaining the notebook’s portability. Each Monolith includes a vibrant bookmark, stitched into the sturdy binding, to keep track of exactly where you left off. And of course, we’ve maintained the paper quality from our existing notebooks—each page is 100GSM fine-grain, acid-free paper.

To create the perfect writing environment, we also designed the Monolith to lay flat so that pages stay out of your way, no matter where you are in the book. At Code&Quill, we believe in strict attention to detail; it’s the small choices that often make the biggest difference. The Monolith’s pages incorporate our unique Dot Grid/Indentation Rule dual-page layout—meaning all left-side pages have a dot grid for sketches and drawings, while the right pages have narrow-ruled lines with vertical hash marks every 5mm for properly structuring notes, lists, paragraphs, and even code.

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