Columbine seeds Pink Columbine flower perennial flower

Columbine seeds Pink Columbine flower perennial flower
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This Pink Columbine flower is one of my absolute favorite plants in my garden. The color is a stunning pale pink and it grows tall. Around 3 – 4 foot tall. Tall strong stalks topped with beautiful pink flowers. i don’t remember where i got it from or who gave it to me, but it never fails to produce an amazing display of flowers in the Spring. This Pink Columbine is a perennial flower and after the flowers, produces beautiful seed pods loaded with tiny black seeds. i have never seen this particular variety again in local nurseries and don’t know its name. Columbine is quite drought resistant and the deer will not touch it. Its a wonderful plant to grow in an area where deer are prevalent. It likes a shade garden and does best out of full sun. It will self seed and is an amazing addition to a natural, shade wildflower garden. Aquilegia seeds – Columbine seeds, 25 at least, i really want to share these flower seeds with other gardeners. You can also use some fertilizers to ensure good growth to your flowers.

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