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Comic Book Wall Stickers

Comic Book Wall Stickers
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Comic book words wall decals kit made by Sticker Hub. Sticker Hub is known for their superior quality and unique designs and are all printed right here in the USA. These vinyl wall decals are reusable and repositionable, so they peel off as easy as they go on, and won’t damage your walls or the decals, so you can take them off and put them on over and over again.

Product Dimensions Huh?- 10.2in x 6.4in, Bang- 12.1in x 6.9in, Clang- 10.4in x 4.7in, Pow Pow- 10.9in x 5.8in, Ouch- 6.6in x 10.8in, Zap- 10.7in x 5.4in, Zam- 8.5in x 3.1inCraaaaak- 15.7in x 4.6in, Whap- 9.1in x 3.8in, Vroooom- 12.9in x 4in, Zwoosh- 12.1in x 4.6in, Boooooom- 16.7in x 5.7in, Splat- 9.5in x 4.1in, Zaaaap- 13.8in x 5.6in, Wham!- 12.3in x 4.7in, Pow- 8.5in x 7.3in

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