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Complete Smartphone Lens Set by instaLens

Complete Smartphone Lens Set by instaLens
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we know, we know: you’ve been browsing around and can’t get past the fact that there’s waaaay too many instaLens options for you to possibly decide. so we decided to make your life a whole lot easier: we’re offering our two most popular instaLens products with three different optical effects, in a nice little set, for a nice little price. sorted.

the instaLens starter set includes not only gives you the jaw-dropping macro, which enables you to see the tiniest of details in eyes, flowers and creepy crawlies, but also the instaLens fisheye, for a fun, rounded perspective on the world around you, all 180-degrees of it. did we forget to mention the broad-scope wide angle lens? yep, you can also have that one. you’re welcome.

how it works : each instaLens comes with 3 adhesive removable metal rings. the rings stick to the back of your phone around the camera and the phone lens attaches magnetically to it. snap it on and off in an instant.

purchase includes : 1x instaLens wide/macro. 1x instaLens fisheye.

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