Composition Gold Leaf Sheets 100 Leaves 14 cm x 14 cm 5

Composition Gold Leaf Sheets  100 Leaves  14 cm x 14 cm 5
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Gold Leaf Sheets You will receive – 4 books, each containing 25 sheets (total of 100) of Composition Gold Leaf. Each sheet is 14cm x 14cm (5.5x 5.5). Each sheet has a divider sheet of paper separating it from the next sheet. Each book will cover about 5 square feet. This product is particularly useful for gilding borders, frames and many other art projects. Sheets of Composition Gold are made from brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc. Composition Leaf will tarnish and requires a protective sealer upon completion of gilded surface. This product is also referred to as Dutch Gold and Schlagmetal Ideal for: plasterwork woodwork pottery furniture picture frames and other Art Projects This product is simple to use, Basic Gilding Instructions Transform everyday pieces into amazing works of art using gilding techniques. Step One Apply Acrylic Bole as a base-coat (sealer) to your piece and let it dry for 4 hours or more. Step Two Apply Gold Size and wait at least 15-30 minutes before applying Composition metal leaf. Step Three Apply Composition metal leaf with a brush and then gently remove the backing paper. Step Four Apply 2-3 coats of Shellac (sealer) allowing 1 hour drying time between coats. Step Five Brush Antique Patina over the whole piece and wipe off excess with soft cloth until you have your desired finished look.

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