Construction Truck Bed PLANS pdf format Twin Size DIY

Construction Truck Bed PLANS pdf format  Twin Size  DIY
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Wheel Loader / Front Loader Model – Construction Truck Bed plans (pdf format) – designed for a twin Size Mattress and perfect for a kids construction themed room! Help your little boy or girl transition from a crib into a bed he or she will actually enjoy sleeping in. They’ll love it! Available for full Size Mattress as well (just send me a message). This digital document is a design guide with step-by-step instructions to create the Construction Truck Bed: Wheel Loader / Front Loader Model. Included are a Bill of Materials, exact dimensions for the components, a step-by-step guide for assembling the bed, a recommended cutting guide, and lots of visual aids to help along the way. Designed to support a twin size mattress (39×75). Available for full size, too (just send me a message). Overall dimensions of the fully assembled bed: 61 x 98 x 61 (w x l x h). Depending on your local pricing, all materials necessary to build the bed will be about $200. If you are handy (or know someone that is) this is the design guide for you. The bed is designed to be made completely out of wood (that you can buy at a local store) and no specialty tools are required. If you can measure and cut 2×4’s and work a power drill, you can build this bed. This bed was designed to help my son transition from his crib into his big boy room (just before his little brother arrived). It worked like a charm for us and i hope it does for you too. Some other features of the bed to consider: – modular and forgiving design that can be built separately and assembled in the room – easy to access sheets for frequent changing (as a parent, i know that’s important) – room for storage underneath bed frame – can be converted into a regular bed easily (when the time comes) – storage for books and toys on shelves – frame is compatible with Castle Bed, Tractor Bed, and Robot Bed. – affordable materials, fun to build and personalize and inspire your kid! For additional inspiration or decoration ideas, check out @HammerTreeLLC on Instagram. And don’t forget, If any questions come up before or along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks, Dan

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