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Continuous-Clean Litter Box by PetSafe

Continuous-Clean Litter Box by PetSafe
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Get rid of the hassle of cleaning your pet’s litter box with the Radio Systems PAL17-10786 Pet Safe Simply Clean Litter Box. This innovative, self-cleaning system, that works continuously and automatically. Suitable for cats weighing up to 15 pounds, it’s quiet and simple to use. The bowl moves one complete rotation in an hour and also gets rid of foul odor and odor-causing bacteria. It does its bit without disturbing your pet. Reduces odor and odor-causing bacteria. No special bags required, easy-to-use. Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat. Bowl moves one complete rotation in an hour. Use low-voltage AC adapter.

Self-cleaning litter box for single or multi-cat household
Quietly cleans…
Unit moves one full rotation per hour, doesn’t startle cat and keeps litter clean 24/7
Easy to remove litter bin can be lined with recycled bag or nothing at all! Save hundreds annually compared to others with special bags or trays estimated yearly to maintain.
No tools required for assembly; no moving parts for optimal safety

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