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CoPilot – car phone cradle with wireless charging available

CoPilot – car phone cradle with wireless charging available
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We know we shouldn’t have that phone in our hands while driving, but carmakers don’t give us good places for it. When we look away to pick it up to see an incoming call or an upcoming turn on GPS – we put ourselves and everyone around us in danger. There must be a better option…

The CoPilot fits in your cupholder, holding your phone at the perfect viewing angle, while still allowing you to stow a drink there. Never again will you have to reach for it to pick it up. CoPilot has you covered with the following features:

-Hands free use of your phone to drive safely

-Works with all phones and all cars

-No magnets, clips or metal holders involved

-No messy cords. Cords go underneath and stay out of the way

-Wireless charging through the latest Qi standard

-Fast charging with up to 10 watts of power

-Advanced thermal controls to prevent overheating during charging

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