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Coral Reef Light by QisDesign

Coral Reef Light by QisDesign
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The Coral Reef Light, an LED table lamp, features an adjustable lighting top, and is activated by a touch dimmer on the stand. Users can turn it on or change the lighting angle by simply tapping on the stand and playing with the lighting top. The incorporated LED’s small size and low temperature, makes it possible to maneuver the lamp. The interactive design surpassing traditional lamp’s limitations by allowing user to create their own desired lighting effect and ambience.

Created in collaboration with Taiwan’s National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, the Coral Reef Light which is inspired by the ocean’s coral reefs, aims to capture the magical feel of light reflecting in the underwater world. Based on this aquatic theme, the lamp comes with an organic shape and design, symbolizing the dynamic and ever-changing coral reefs.

Just like the ocean’s tranquility is always countered with endless tidal and light movement, The Coral Reef Light also boasts a strong contrast in design as its motional feature is incorporated with a subtle tone. Its design thus delivers a touch of grace and exquisite gesture.
Touch dimmer
Beautiful polished finish
Tilt adjustable top
2012 Red Dot Design Winner

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