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Cordless Precision Etcher

Cordless Precision Etcher
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As easy to use as a sharpened pencil – with as much control. This precise engraver uses a 20,000 rpm motor and standard 3/32″ Diamond engraving bit to engrave on metal, plastic, ceramic and glass. Precision tip, lightweight aluminum body and slim profile allows even intricate script and complicated designs in hard or brittle surfaces. Great for permanently identifying tools, toys, jewelry and valuables. Finger tip control on/off button. 2 AAA batteries included. Weighs only 2 oz.

Precise etcher uses a 20,000 rpm motor and 3/32 inch diamond engraving bit
Etch on metal, plastic, ceramic and glass
Precision tip, lightweight body, and slim profile allows intricate script and designs
Finger tip control on/off button
90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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