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Countdown Clock by Mr Jones Watches

Countdown Clock by Mr Jones Watches
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We all count down to certain days: a birthday party, a vacation or even an important exam: this clock keeps track of the days remaining until your big day!

You can choose from 34 different occasions to count down to. Some of the events are quite specific (“birthday” / “anniversary” / “holiday”) whilst others are deliberately open, so only you’ll know what you’re counting to (“it’s over” / “freedom” / “the big day”). You can see the full list of events below.

The way the clock works couldn’t be simpler: you press a button to flip through the different events until you find the one you want to count to. Next you press the day count buttons to set the number of days you want to count to. That’s it! From then on the day count will decrease by one automatically every day. The clock can count down a maximum of 999 days for those who plan their life a long time in advance!

The clock is a handsome addition to your desk or mantlepiece and can even be hung on a wall.

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