CrazyCap UV Water Bottle Purifier

CrazyCap UV Water Bottle Purifier
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  • powered by deep uv-c – Effectively eliminates 99.9996% of mold, bacteria and viruses from water, with nothing but uv light exposure. Cap doubles as a sanitizer travel wand – simply wave over any surface to sterilize.’, “uv-c is sterilization of the future- CrazyCap’s powerful, in cap, uv-c light rays are the same wavelength as the uv used to sanity operating rooms and water treatment plants.
  • ‘replaces 500,000 water bottles – Reduces plastic waste and needless spend of bottled water. Premium bottle made of vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps water cold for 24 hrs / hot for 12.
  • self cleaning bottle – Stops bacteria and mold from breeding in your water bottle. Auto activates every four hours to keep your water pristine and the bottle mold free.’, “drinkable water at your fingertip – High – tech, chemical free purification. Best alternative to boiled water and water tablets. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee – because we know you’ll love it as much as we do.
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