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CrazyCap Water Filter Bottle With UV-C LED Technology

CrazyCap Water Filter Bottle With UV-C LED Technology
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  • CrazyCap portable purification system is an at home or travel water purifier, saving you money on pricey replacement filters.
  • FAST and EASY uv water purifier WITH stainless steel water bottle — 99.9% decontamination in 60 seconds (Normal Mode) and 99.9999% in two minutes (Crazy Mode), powerful UVC light kills 99.9999% of microbes in the water. Powered with 10mW 278nm UV-C LED by LG.
  • Simply replace the cap on your cola shape bottle (S’well, MIRA, Simple Modern, S’ip by S’well, Manna, Pop, Live Long Life) with CrazyCap rechargeable, portless and leak proof purification system.
  • Includes bottle, but cap is compatible with 9 oz, 12 oz, 17 oz cola shape bottles (not with 25 oz size). Innovative, chemical-free bottle cleaner and water purifier for travel, hiking, tap water, fountains and camping.
  • Auto clean will remove surface microbes every four hours so you always have a clean, great smelling bottle without the stress of scrubbing. Vacuum double-walled construction, designed to keep contents cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. Our bottles are made from premium grade, BPA-free 304 stainless steel.
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