Creative Block – Problem Solving & Brainstorming Ideas

Creative Block – Problem Solving & Brainstorming Ideas
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  • change your mind: Creative Block was born to help you make a game out of changing your mind. By introducing dynamic ideas and new ways of thinking, your usual patterns get disrupted. Your mind gets a little bendy, allowing fresh possibilities to emerge.
  • proven results: Creative Block isn’t magic but the results can be magical. Inside you’ll discover over 100 curated breakthrough suggestions from artists, neuroscientists, mindfulness and creativity expertsall designed to get you into a new head-space.
  • simple & easy: How to play – There are three simple steps, Pick a card, Follow the directions, and Breakthrough! Each card will instruct you on how to attack a problem from a different perspective. Consider it a game with just one rule: Stay Open.’, “let the inspiration flow: These exercises are meant to inspire, not torture you. If an exercise isn’t working, simply choose another of the 100+ cards. You are sure to find a suggestion that suits your needs. The next step is to breakthrough!
  • ‘handcrafted: Over 100 proven methods of success are brought to you in a beautifully constructed bamboo box. Truly a case worthy of the value it holds inside. Enjoy the quality craftsmanship and let it bring out your best ideas.
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