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Creature Cups Earth Edition

Creature Cups Earth Edition
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Quietly waiting at the bottom of your cup, these little guys are just biding their time. Keep your eye on them though or you may end up with a frog… in your throat!

The cups have been launched by the Brooklyn-based design group Yumi Yumi last year and have been featured on almost every design and gadget website in the US and globally over the last couple months.
Creature Cups are dishwasher safe and microwavable. You may also wash gently by hand using soap and warm water.

Color: Blue outside and white inside
Material: Ceramics
Regular Cup 11oz / 325 ml
Large Cup 15 oz / 445 ml

The volume measurement does not include the creature, which will reduce the volume by 0.5-2oz depending on the creature. The creatures do not scale with the cup, so the creature in the 11oz is the same size as the 15oz. The 11oz cup is 3.2″ height and 4.1″ diameter (8×10,5 cm HxD). The 15oz is 3.5″ height and 4.2″ diameter (9×10,5 cm HxD).

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