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Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad

Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad
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The LMP Bluetooth Keypad uses Bluetooth technology to connect to Macintosh or Macbook computers. The 28 button pad allows for the quick and easy addition of a numeric keypad for computers that lack one.

28 key wireless (Bluetooth) keypad for easy and fast working with figures, tables, calculations, spread sheets, etc.
Linkage bar connects the keypad seamlessly with the Apple wireless keyboard – a perfect alternative solution to the USB keyboard!

Can be used as a stand-alone wireless keypad with any Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro or any Apple bluetooth-enabled computer
Keys include figures 0-9, operaton keys, hot-keys, page up/down, arrow up/down, delete forward, enter function key
Designed to fit the Apple wireless keyboard in an elegant way

Broadcom Bluetooth Chipset
Power on/off, pairing button, power on bar for activating Apple wireless keyboard, LED status signal
Scissor-type membrane keys for high comfort typing and reduced typing tiredness

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