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The Cube Cat Kennel with Black Structure

The Cube Cat Kennel with Black Structure
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The Cube cat kennel to sleep tight: Meyou thinks about everything. The well known Meyou brand recently launched on the market The Cube cat kennel with black structure. The captivating design and the unquestionable comfort make this item irresistible both for cats and for design lovers.

The Cube is more than just a shelter for domestic cats: it is a product characterised by well-finished design that wisely combines soft lines with strong and marked ones. Cats love sleeping many hours, without being disturbed by anyone: in the coldest season they love to curl up in the warmest corners of the home, while in summer they prefer to lie on the floor, looking for something cool. The kennel proposed by the designers who work for Meyou keep cat’s body heat in winter, favouring at the same time air change in its inside during summer. The external part is made of a thick fabric made of high quality waved fibers.

Your cat will find particularly comfortable this structure with unusual lines and will not climb on chairs or armchairs to relax anymore, preferring its kennel of design. The Cube cat kennel with black structure is a sort of sphere made of cotton, softer inside and more rigid outside, inserted in a cube. Information: the pillow is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and can be washed in the washing machine. Meyou found the right solution to offer domestic cats the best comfort concentrated in just one object. For a rapid cleaning of the product, The Cube cat kennel with black structure can be easily cleaned both inside and outside with a lukewarm damp cloth.

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