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Cubic Cable Holder

Cubic Cable Holder
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Cubic Cable Holder is simple in its concept. The product is crafted to accomplish only one task, anchoring down charging cables that will otherwise fall when unplugged. While the basic form of a slotted cube delivers functionality and a recognizable silhouette, the absence of further manipulation communicates a sense of neutrality and anonymity. A single stroke of milling is all it takes to transfer the raw material to a functional product. One can almost recognize the immediate past of the cube being raw material.

In fact for so little manipulation is done to the material, there is almost a slight hint of anticipation, of the object waiting for the next steps of evolvement. The evolvement happens in the forms of dents, wears, and patinas. Daily wear and tear imbues personality to the surface of the metal, make each of them unique and complete. It is in the warmth of hands where the sense pf anticipation is met and meaning of the object is gained.

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